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We are happy, you chose us, as your Escorts Directory . All the transactions you make, using a credit card will reflect as ‘Abell1 Ltd’ and the processing of such transactions are done on the spot with the help of S.S.L. Encryption, which protects sensitive info. S.S.L. Encryption is a system, which enables your card to be debited instantly, wherein the customer’s personal details will be handled with utmost precision and confidentiality.

To offer you a receptive customer service, we appeal to you that you keep a copy of all the dealings with us; including the invoice number, which appears on the bill of a Abella 1 transaction. Currently, we are accepting Credit credit cards. Our on-line shopping portal will securely take the amount for your featured payments.

We accept the cards listed

below: VISA , Mastercard. Applepay



We hope that you are ecstatic at the service you get at Abella 1 Directory. But if at all, you are disappointed, you are always free to connect with us;



You are free to contact us on Email: info@abella1,com

Please give us 48 hours to answer all customer queries.