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  • Sex tips can be long and complicated, but they are easy and quick to digest so don't miss out!
  • If you have difficulty orgasm
  • Masturbate before sex, but stop before orgasm. When you start having sex with your partner, it will be easier to reach the climax!
  • If you have never had an orgasm
  • Masturbate!
  • Use PC muscle during sex
  • Using a PC muscle , squeeze the guy's penis in your vagina. Do it on her in and out. The sensations will be intensified. You will both be amazed at the results and your partner will definitely want to repeat it!
  • Don't forget the breast nipples
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  • Try the opposite of always
  • Usually couples start with slow movements and gain speed. Do the opposite - start quickly and passionately and slow down as you approach orgasm. This will both drive you crazy!
  • Speak sexlessly during sex
  • If you haven't already - get started! It will inspire more passion and "lead"!
  • Use pillows
  • Not only will pillows help relieve tension in certain areas, but by supporting different areas of the body, you will be able to diversify penetration angles!
  • Don't forget the 69 pose
  • By far the most passionate oral sex posture is 69 . Be sure to try at least half of them!
  • Show your partner what you like
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  • At least sometimes forget the missionary pose
  • Yes, it's a great posture, but there are more that work better. For example, it is easier for women to reach orgasm when they are at the top ... and puppy pose is especially passionate for men!
  • Don’t underestimate t-shirts
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  • Sometimes you forget about romance
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  • Give your partner an oral session tonight
  • Appoint at least one evening to please your partner for oral sex only. Can't suffer so long? Caress yourself at the same time - they like it crazy!
  • Annoy your partner throughout the day